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About Me

<--- This is me, Justin Greene. I am a software engineer located in Olathe, KS (near Kansas City, KS).

What I'm doing

I am a founder and lead developer for Koho Rewards; an in game rewards network. I also do some consulting on the side.

Why I do it

I love learning new things; especially about programming. Since I began I've been on a quest to expand my knowledge of computer science; with the goal being to become more proficient at building products people love.

With that goal in mind I've explored many different programming languages and frameworks. Having become proficient in C#, javascript, F# and Haskell; I've learned to love functional programming, and prefer doing most of my work in languages that allow for that type of flexibility and safety.

Totally legit Testimonials

  • "Greatest software developer ever!" -- my wife (who knows nothing about software development).
  • "One hoppy frood that really knows where his towels at." -- Zaphod Beeblebrox
  • "Single handedly brought down the Ottoman Empire." -- No one