Releasing the Puzzle Gallery, NinjaJS, and Canvasflow

I'm a long time redditor and wanted to post my first game along with a couple of frameworks I've open sourced.

The game is called Puzzle Gallery and all of the art work and design was hand drawn by my sister-in-law Eve. For those that aren't interested in the programming/frameworks you can skip to trying out the game here:

The game has fairly large assets since they're all hand-drawn; so if you are on a slower connection it may take a while to load.

You can also download the iPad version here:
Puzzle Gallery in iTunes

NinjaJS - A multi-touch HTML5 canvas framework.

The game utilizes the HTML5 canvas and while writing it I tried a couple of different canvas frameworks, but didn't find one that handled multi-touch and resizing the way I needed it to. To fix this I ended up writing my own framework which handles it fairly well.

You can get it/read about it here:

Canvasflow - A Coverflow like library for the HTML5 canvas.

The second framework I built for the game is called Canvasflow. It is a Coverflow like plugin for the HTML5 Canvas. I tried a few of the other HTML5 Coverflow plugins that are out there, but none of them seemed to deal with touch events and didn't scroll as smoothly as I would like on mobile devices. I ended up writing my own and hopefully now everyone can benefit from it.

You can get it/read about it here:

If anyone has any suggestions/improvements they'd like to see made just let me know. I will also accept pull-requests ;)